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We offer the most innovative and robust family of Point-to-Point/ Multipoint Wireless Solutions, for each of the needs of the World Market.

The entire range of links, based on millimeter waves from Sub 6GHz to those close to Sub 100GHz, licensed and unauthorized, for some kilometers to “Horizon Radio Limit”, Full Duplex Transmission greater than 20Gbps, depending on configurations and types of links.

A proven family of solutions based on the latest “FSO” (“Free Space Optics”) technologies of the World market, to achieve links of up to 30 Gbps over average distances of up to 5 Km, also available in diversified joint configurations with Radio links.

We cover the entire range of “Wi-Fi” solutions and deployments, operational in all current bands, as well as in the new “Wi-Fi 6E” and the most modern “Wi-Fi Doppler Imaging” capabilities.

5G Red Digital

With more than 25 years of experience providing solutions mainly to international Mobile Network Operators and Wireless Broadband; we continue to bring innovations to these sectors, from their 5G-“x”G Service Platforms, to the provision of Access Terminals and special accessories.


Geographical barriers and low population density are often obstacles to reducing the digital divide. There we offer Satellite / VSAT solutions to meet the demand for fundamental services, in those regions of the World that require it.

Every network demands the implementation of interconnection wiring, both of the metal type conductive, as of Optical Fiber.We supply all kinds of special wiring, as well as its terminals, connectors and accessories.
Cables Ethernet

To be able to achieve the effective linking of all our devices, in the applications and environments that are defined, whether for example telecommunications, security, IoT; through Wireless Networks or Wired / Fiber Optic accesses; we provide the integration of all the necessary Equipment to consolidate these objectives successfully.

Desarrollo Software

We are attentive to the technological solutions that surround us and that give more and more space of “Hardware” in its functionality, to open the way to the “Software”, creating powerful “App” and tools based on programs that operate in all our areas, optimizing systems and improving our quality of life.

OLS Engineering

Representation/Distribution/Integration of Systems in strategic markets around the world.
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