Bio Sensors

The care of our health and the monitoring of vital signs without contact / remote (Telehealth Solutions), advances with results already approved by certifying bodies progressively around the World; to be implemented in Residences, Sanatoriums, Homes with Single People among others.

We rely on the latest solutions and our own innovations, to promote great tools in this field, promoting the creation of new opportunities and businesses.

Medicine and prevention is approaching us, hand in hand with an arsenal of external, transient and implantable devices, which aim to improve our health / life.

“Wearables”, “Connected Devices”, “Implantables” and “new Orthopedics solutions”, are some of the lines of solutions on which we work, turning and supporting in the market the latest developments.

Detección Radiación

We are immersed in an environment full of radiation of all kinds that will not stop growing, unfortunately.

We focus on providing solutions for the detection of electromagnetic radiation, while providing field services and consulting to prevent exposure to them.


We are living in times where it has become clear, the importance of Medical Equipment and Device, beyond the environments of health crises, for safeguarding lives.

Our focus is on the provision of new instruments and devices that will improve medical care and diagnosis of patients, to make their subsequent treatments more effective.

Enfermera tomando temperatura

A health crisis or pandemic such as the one humanity is going through these days has triggered the requirements on certain basic inputs designed to reduce health damage.

We focus on the innovations that are giving way to the creation of “new categories of inputs”, with much greater added value and functionalities superior to those considered “massive”.