Observación Meteorologica

With the combination of RADAR and lidar technologies, we offer effective measurements, monitoring and predictions of common meteorological and climatological phenomena such as temperature records, probability of precipitation, cloudiness, ozone layer; as well as more complex situations such as the problems related to volcanoes, hurricanes and forest fires among others.

Drone con Cámara

The use of Drones gains ground in almost all areas, becoming tools of maximum utility.
In the meteorological segment, we promote these devices, in configurations of special equipment; from missions of readings of data actually simple, to outstanding preventive functionality in the face of potential natural disasters.

Pequeña estación Meteorologica

We offer devices equipped with state-of-the-art sensors to detect, for example, seismic, sound, pollution, solar radiation, soil situation, winds, among others, to be able to interpret in advance fundamental information for the development of our lives.