Terminal Aeropuerto

In the world, more and more situations of risk and vulnerability arise, of which they are considered “critical infrastructures”, from a Residence to a large Airport.
We handle the best technologies available in the world, based on different operating principles, to ensure the provision of the most effective Perimeter Security solutions, for each type of environment.

We have been working in a pioneering way, with the most innovative technologies that will be applied in many Centers 112 / 911 / C4 of the World, optimizing their performance, adding for example the capacity of “Geolocation of Mobiles”, Geofence of Security, Blockades of Zones, etc. We provide everything necessary for the assembly and commissioning of Command, Control, Computation and Communication Centers (C4), with the most modern operational, visualization and ergonomic solutions.

Cámara de seguridad

The Cameras with their enormous diffusion, have become a “commodity” and we find them ensuring varied environments and applications throughout the Planet.
Our focus is based especially on providing visualization, interpretation and detection solutions, beyond the standards available in the market, thus achieving applications of outstanding effectiveness.

Radar UAS
We provide solutions beyond the normal detection levels of radars, thus providing a new scenario of security and control solutions.For the growing threats based on UAS / Drones, we offer proven and certified solutions that offer much more than the detection of these potentially dangerous devices, to ensure the detection of various critical environments.

Drone Cámara

The use of UAVs / Drones is increasingly widespread in the world, allowing us to even move through the air efficiently in one of these gadgets.

We accompany this growth, bringing to the market the most modern devices to assist with their properties individually or complementarily, to critical situations of Security and Surveillance.

Armas no Letales

Crime and delinquency is unfortunately advancing in many areas of the world and governments and security forces are looking for intermediate, non-lethal solutions to control these situations.

In the face of the social rejection that this type of device presents in general, such as the “Electroshock Weapons”; our offer supported in “Patents and Own Innovations”, is based on new solutions that also contemplate the “Humanitarian factor”.

Indumentaria Fuerzas Especiales

Crime is increasingly better prepared and armed to confront the forces of law and order, being many times superior in quality and type of weaponry.

We offer a wide range of clothing and special protection devices of last generation, to maximize the efficiency of “Law Enforcements”, safeguarding mainly their physical integrity in situations of conflict.