Mecanica Industrial

Automation, Supervision and Management solutions in the industry demand more and more innovations in software and hardware with the main objective of increasing productivity.

From the traditional “SCADA”, to the dedicated and much smarter Sensors based on IoT in combined augmented reality environments, they are part of the new solutions we offer.


In all Industrial processes, the risk of not detecting in time, small failures and problems; it can trigger a quick and costly succession of problems.

We offer specialized HW and SW platforms for the analysis and monitoring of all types of industrial parameters, connecting machines, sensors, dedicated software and people; to obtain and process large amounts of data, which will then be used to optimize the final results.

Trabajadores fabrica

We focus on providing the new advances that are being developed in the textile industry and related to the industry, incorporating “smart” garments for different types of jobs.

We are talking about antibacterial clothing, with properties to facilitate the healing of the skin, thermoregulatory, water resistant, fire retardants, color changes and with controls of physiological parameters, among many novelties.