Sensores coche

Our current cars have an increasing level of sensors, cameras, laser / lidar, radars, Doppler systems, ultrasound, among others, with which they guarantee us increasingly comfortable, efficient, safe and not within much autonomous driving levels in a massive way.

Within this sector, we work for the development of new solutions, application and provision of the best available within the so-called “ADAS” (Advanced Driver Assitance Systems).

Avion despegando

Since our first projects working with the historic McDonnell Douglas, today BOEING, we continue to show passion for delivering to the market the creative and fundamental Avionics Solutions, applying advanced electronics for the aviation segment.

Simulador carreras

Simulators gain strength in the market, even more so in times of seclusion and pandemics, allowing us to move forward with specific training and capacities for each need.

We provide the integration of Simulation and Training Solutions for platforms of Cars, Airplanes, Trains, Boats, Large Machines, Armaments, Instruments, among others.