Why is it strategic to disembark in Spain?

Disembarking in SPAIN is key and geostrategic in the expansion plans of any Corporation in the World.

SPAIN is among the ten best places on the planet to develop business, also acting as the gateway to the European Union.

The main Corporate Headquarters of the World are located in SPAIN, managing from here with powerful synergy here its global operations.


Partners for success”

Our goal is to become your “Partner for the Success” of your business and strategic international expansion “appropriate to your requirements”.

For our “Strategic Alliances”:

An innovation in Services to promote and accelerate the launch of your Company, solutions and products tailored to your needs and based on your needs (“Taylor Made Solutions”), promoting growing sales in strategic international accounts by segment, we consolidate regional business structures of Partners / Distributors / System Integrators and providing a level of support with long-term accompaniment.

presencia global

In this way, to our “Strategic Alliances”, we offer our exclusive Platform “CES®” (“Company Employment Solutions”), from where we can act as the same extension of their own “staff”, to consolidate your international expansion objectives to successfully “land” in key markets, such as:

  • Spain
  • from SPAIN to the Iberian Peninsula (Spain, Portugal, Gibraltar, Andorra and France)
  • from SPAIN to EUROPE and ASIA
  • from ASIA to SPAIN and from there to the rest of EUROPE and/or AMERICA
  • from SPAIN to AMERICA (Latin America, the Caribbean + Florida, US, Canada) and Africa
  • from AMERICA (Latin America, the Caribbean + Florida, US, Canada) and Africa to SPAIN / EUROPE / ASIA..

We target all markets countries and specific regions of the world that may be required, as well as segments that need our capabilities, including the levels of companies “Post Startups” (or “startups” evolved), as well as the most recent technological as those that have been baptized: ‘fintech’, ‘proptech’, ‘insurtech’, ‘wealthtech’, ‘regtech’, ‘legaltech’, among others.

Our Platform “CES®” (“Company Employment Solutions”), offers you an innovation in terms of Services for the launch of your Company and products, promoting growing sales, while consolidating commercial and long-term support structures, which we could summarize as:

    1. We present the Company, its products and solutions in the selected markets..
    2. We discovered the barriers (“challenges”) to enter these markets.
    3. We do this in an innovative and economical way without large initial investments.
    4. We do this with a group of specialists, based on their extensive business and technical background along with our excellent levels of contacts; to promote new and great opportunities, reinforced with vertical actions, definition of channels, promote distributors, etc.
    5. We define market studies and their main conditions, to determine if your offers will have a potential demand in it.
    6. We promote with different actions and techniques, the “Creation of demand”.
    7. We define joint strategies to strengthen the introduction of products, such as:
      1. Selection of Fairs, Virtual Presentations, Events, Congresses, Road Show, etc.
      2. Identification of possible local distribution channels, partners and Integrators.

“CES” is the integral and intelligent solution, to allow the expansion of your organization internationally, achieving greater presence and selling more products and services in key markets of the World.

OLS – CES” solves the administrative complexities of doing business with a Global Vision, so that your Company can focus on its direct processes and management of corporate growth.

We have integrated in “CES”, the accumulated result of more than 50 years of proven executive experiences of the highest international level, research and market research, databases, a deep “networking” of high level; which along with other relevant resources have been synthesized in this powerful Service Platform.

  • Opening and launching in new markets
  • Positioning of companies and products
  • Business development
  • Sales & Account Management
  • Creation of large/strategic corporate accounts
  • Direct vertical actions with combined styles “Hunting & Farming
  • Its operational “Partners” in SPAIN/ EUROPE/ AMERICA
  • Creation / management of Regional Offices & Physical or Virtual Subsidiaries:

-We provide the support and services of Legal, Administrative, Accounting, Financial, HR, Real Estate and Immigration Consulting to establish operations in the selected territories; covering all aspects of operation and thus facilitating an early development of commercial operations.

  • Representations/ Distributions/ Integrations with Added Value
  • Solution/Product Integrations

In “OLS-CES” we have a staff of proven and extensive history driving the growth of Corporations in the strategic world markets in various and growing sectors such as: Telecommunications, Security and Defense, Smart Solutions (home, cities, municipalities, etc.), Green Energies, Health Technologies, Meteorological and Agricultural Technologies, Real Estate, Transport; as well as in equally technical items such as “Raw Materials”, “Food and Beverages”, among others.


    1. We have the cultural, linguistic, idiosyncratic and business knowledge to succeed in key markets such as the Caribbean, Latin America, Africa, Singapore, UAE and EUROPE, mainly.
    2. We establish a relationship with international decision-makers.
    3. Extensive network of contacts in key positions within international telecom operators, security sectors, government areas and other relevant segments, which has been built over many years of doing business in these regions.
    1. A tailor-made program for each client (“Taylor Made Solutions”) depending on where the client is in the development of their Company/ Products/ Solutions; taking into account the type of solutions, the target customers and the level of investment.
    2. We deliver tangibles in a specific Agreement, with well-defined milestones.
    3. What is tangible can be:
      1. Identify and establish introductory meetings with potential customers and/or local partners
      2. Deliver submissions on behalf of the client:

                              *With brochures, folders, proposals, etc; Translated and adapted to regional languages.

                               Regional services identity creation, art, design and printing.

      1. Participate in trade meetings and negotiations.
      2. Recommend and attend Fairs/ Congresses/ Road-Show on behalf of the client.
      3. Guidance and support in obtaining certificates of compliance from local controlling agencies (such as product approval).
      4. Progress reports are as frequent and stylish as required by the client.

For our End Customers

For our End Customers / Channels / Partners, who incorporate our solutions and services internationally, we offer the most updated and appropriate portfolio to cover their needs with the best Cost / Benefit and adjustment to their technical and commercial requirements.

We are creators of interesting market opportunities, often putting “in their hands” large businesses to develop and implement in their territories of concern.