OLS Engineering, is an innovative Corporation with more than 30 years of experience.

It specializes in the development of international markets, operating as a “value-added strategic tailor-made partner”, working as Representation / Distribution / System Integration in strategic markets around the world.

“OLS Engineering” with its main base in SPAIN / EUROPE, provides a wide and strategic portfolio of innovative Business Development, Corporative, Technical and Professional Services globally.

We seek to continue growing as an attractive and effective solution, for any company in the world, that wants to “land” in EUROPE through the strategic “Iberian Gate” and project itself to the Caribbean, Latin America and Florida (US), with huge and productive business synergies.

OLS Engineering’s management team is composed of specialists from various strategic areas, with proven multinational experience, who have led the international development of medium-sized companies (post-Start-Ups) and large corporations of maximum innovation and prestige such as:

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Nuestra Historia



    Thanks to innovative designs and own patents in the emerging wireless telecommunications sector, “OPTODATA LASER SYSTEMS” was born, becoming the first designer and manufacturer of “Free Space Optics” (FSO) solutions in Latin America.

  • Guía de Onda Atmosférica


    The first generations of OLS Wireless Links “Atmospheric Wave Guide” are created and installed, which far exceeded the transmission capabilities of the Modems used in those years.

  • Enlaces Inalámbricos de OLS “OptoLink”


    Production of the second generation of OLS Wireless Links “OptoLink” begins, achieving efficient solutions for large customers in South America, in their corporate networks.

  • 1990


    OPTODATA LASER SYSTEMS S.A., was established in Argentina in 1984 as a manufacturer of FREE SPACE LASER LINK equipment for data communication. Her objectives in the field of communications led her in a very short time to venture into microwaves and other devices that allowed her access to advanced technologies.

  • 1992


    With a great accumulated experience on the propagation of signals in the free space, “OLS” exclusively introduces, in the South American market, the first 23GHz SHF Microwave Links.

  • OLS 1993


    With these new solutions of high capacity and large coverage in distance “OLS”, begins to achieve a great introduction of these new technologies, in main Operators and Large Corporations of the region.

  • 1994 OLS


    “OLS” with a large investment consolidates “LABTEL”, as the first approved Laboratory in Latin America of this type (“First Electronics / Telecommunication Lab to SS-ISM / SHF / UWB / in Latin America”)

  • 1995 OSL


    One of the great achievements of “OLS”, was the provision and implementation of a hybrid network of Microwave Links and “OptoLink” (FSO), for the so-called “Teledatos Network” ofthe main multinational operator “IMPSAT” (Global Crossing / LUMEN). In this way, the distribution of its satellite capacity in various strategic nodes was supported.

  • 1996


    Provision and integration of the first Pre-Payment Platform, of the first Mobile network in Argentina and Uruguay, MOVICOM-BellSouth.

  • 1997


    Through an exclusive agreement with the”OCLI Corporation”, itlaunched in apioneering and extremely successful way throughout Latin America, the most advanced technology in the world used by NASA, in Anti-Radiation / Reflection Filters, for large work environments.

  • 1999


    Con own international patents are created and producedfor the whole world,a new technology of “Intelligent and Interactive Anti-Radiation Filters”, thanks to the main innovation and incorporation of the “RadiationCheck”.

  • 2000


    OLS with new corporate image, offers a varied and complete family of solutions of high technological innovation, for Telecommunications Operators, Security, Utility and large corporations in the region.

  • 2002


    “OLS”, establishes an exclusivity agreement with the “TELULAR Corporation”, developing an innovative and explosive World Market, implementing concepts such as the “FWT” (“Fixed Wireless Terminal”) and later the “Least Cost Routing”, both widely disseminated in the main Telecommunications Operators, with provisions that exceeded hundreds of thousands of units.

  • 2005


    Through the agreements established with TruePosition, a pioneering company in the world for the establishment of the 911/112 Intelligent with Localization, solutions were promoted in America and Spain.

  • OSL 2007


    Provision and development of the Carrier WiFI/ Pre-WIMAX Network, the largest in Latin America in PERU, “BAR” (National Rural Broadband) and in INDIA.

  • OSL 2012


    Working together with “InfiNet Wireless”, one of the world’s leading broadband wireless access (BWA) solution providers, the development of Latin America was consolidated, with large provisions for operators such as ANTEL; also achieving a strong presence in EUROPE with “TELEFONICAGroup”, “INDRA”, “COBRA”, “UFINET”, among others.

  • 2014


    Working together withthe Multinational Group “ST Electronics/ STEE” of Singapore, the main development of SOUTHERN EUROPE, CALA and Florida was consolidated, with enormous achievements such as the provision of the state-of-the-art “PIDS” solution “AgilFence/AGIL”, to the Electric “ISA Electrical Interconnection” of Colombia, projects in “ITAIPU” or the integral security of the new Airport “TOCUMEN” in Panama. In airport solutions including “C-UAS”/ Counter-Drone, projects were surveyed and defined in all the..Read More

  • 2016


    “OLS Engineering” is launched with main base in SPAIN / EUROPE, with the aim of providing based on its outstanding trajectory and international experience; a broad and strategic portfolio of innovative commercial, technical and service solutions at a global level. It is an important objective of “OLS Engineering”, to continue growing as an attractive and effective solution, for any company that wants to “land” in EUROPE / IBERIA zone and..Read More


We fulfill the mission of constituting ourselves as a strategic and preferred partner for any Corporation of the World, which seeks to disembark in SPAIN / European Union and from here to other global operations.

“Partners for success”


We offer the greatest technological innovations to be able to solve in the best way possible, the challenges and requirements of our changing and demanding current situation, in a multiplicity of key segments.


We integrate Professional Technical Services in customized solutions, designed for each client with all the requirements of their location, supporting the execution of civil works, integral maintenance services in the field and laboratories.


Our group of innovative nature, offers sharing our capabilities and experiences in the segment “IP” (“Intellectual Property”), working in the search for solutions to their unsolved problems or new initiatives that need to be reflected in a reality.


Jorge Raúl Bártulos S., founded Optodata Laser Systems in the ’90s, then OLS Argentina, OLS Corporation and about five years ago, created in EUROPE “OLS Engineering”, driving the growth and leadership of the company, with a strong personal stamp in his passion for innovations and the expansion of international projects.

In his career, he has achieved strategic business development, large sales operations, growth and positioning of both large fortune global 500 corporations as well as pioneering post startups.

Extensive international experience working in the main sectors of Telecommunications, Security and Defense, as well as M2M / IoT, and all segments titled with the acronyms such as ‘Fintech’, ‘GreenTech’, ‘Proptech’, ‘Femtech’, ‘Edtech’Biotech’, ‘Foodtech’, among other new denominations.

An innovative vision of the global market, accompanied by creative “Action Plans” and a strategic focus on key contacts to position corporations and their solutions in a successful business process, taking into account strengths, competencies and weaknesses, is part of its management.

INVENTOR: Has developed and registered internationally more than a dozen Patents and Innovative Methods, in the areas of Optics & Laser Devices, Microwave, Radiation protection technologies, Interactive non-lethal humanitarian weapons and medical devices among others.

*The above images and Logos are mostly owned by the following companies we have worked with, some of which no longer exist or have changed their name: Telular, McDonnell Douglas (Boeing), Metapath Software International, RAD Group, Racon, Sierra Digital, DATARADIO, WiLAN, JDSU, Gabriel Electronics, NOKIA, TRUEPOSITION, NICE, CommScope, Intellicall, MARCONI (ERICSSON) , P-Com, LaserBit, Infinet Wireless, POLARIS WIRELESS, smartBridges, TELULAR and ST Electronics among others.