OLS Engineering

OLS Engineering is a leading international corporation with headquarters in SPAIN / EUROPE and more than 25 years of successful experience, specialized in the development of global markets, operating as a “value-added strategic tailor made partner”, with functions such as Development of Markets / Representation / Distribution / Systems Integration in strategic segments around the world.

We provide a broad and strategic portfolio of innovative commercial, corporate, technical and professional services solutions at a Global level, supported by a team of multidisciplinary specialists with proven experience, for the international development of medium-sized companies (post Start-Ups) and large Corporations.

We seek to continue growing as an attractive and effective solution for any company in the world that wants to “land” in EUROPE through the strategic “Puerta IBERICA” and project itself to the world, with enormous and productive commercial synergies.

More than 25 years of experience

Specialists in various strategic areas with a proven multinational track record.

Principles of our work


We are a group of innovative nature, and we offer the market to share our capabilities and experiences in the “IP” (“Intellectual Property”) segment.


Our technological products are characterized by their high precision.


More than 25 years of experience and proven efficiency in the sector.


We develop solutions with the highest quality.

Our specialization

OLS Engineering works directly, with vertical actions on many markets and regions, in turn relying on our growing network of companies and associated specialists from around the world, thus providing solutions and products of maximum innovation.

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Telecommunications have been consolidated as a basic and essential infrastructure for the development of our lives.

Smart Cities / Businesses

The connectivity and individualization of all types of devices is allowing to achieve unimaginable levels of remote control and monitoring.


The industry faces great challenges, seeking better costs, greater efficiency and quality.

Agricultural Technologies

Our countryside suffers, the world’s demands for food grow and it is increasingly difficult to achieve consistent and sustainable yields and productions.

Health technology / bio technologies

Technology is increasingly present in our lives, with a growing number of solutions and devices that optimize and take care of our health and well-being.

Security and Defense

The challenges of our current world, to maintain our individual and collective security, are increasingly complex.

Green Tech

The environmental impact of the use of polluting technologies is leaving a clear mark on our planet and therefore on us.

Meteorological Technologies

Climate change is a reality and it is necessary to have as many reading and predictive elements as possible in order to minimize the impacts on our lives.

Automotive and Transportation

El Mundo works and seeks innovative solutions for sustainable transport and mobility, increasing the use of various technologies in this sector every day.